Track Record

"For more than 20 years and with three different companies, I have turned to Horizon for guidance on consumers. Their insights I trust without reservation, the information is always relevant and enables us to make the “right” strategic and marketing decisions with confidence."
- Robert Verloop, CA Avocado Commission, Sunkist Growers, Naturipe Farms

What we do:

Turn Data into the Right Answers, Predictions and AI Algorithms.

Horizon Consumer Science provides marketing analytics, traditional market research, and advanced data science services. We work with start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and everyone in between to solve important business questions and to provide Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and other tools to maximize revenue and meet all your business goals.

We are first and foremost a data science company, so we use an active scientific process of arriving at the right answer:

  • Clear Objectives
  • Thought Out Design & Methods
  • Extracting / Collecting Good Data
  • The Correct Analysis
  • Conclusions, Predictions and Extrapolations
  • Horizon provides a purposefully designed data strategy and marketing analytics that includes the right mix of:

  • Passive Transactional Data (structured, unstructured and streaming data)
  • Extracted Data from Big Data Sets
  • Actively Collected Data using qualitative and/or quantitative methods
  • Marketing Analytics Dashboards
  • Treated and Normalized Data, simply put, is a statistical way to make sure the data collected can truly answer the question
  • Case Studies

    From healthcare to financial services to travel and tourism to consumer and electronic goods, our clients span a myriad of industries. Our analytic tools and research methodologies are universal, but we take the time to understand the context and particularities of each market so we can deliver meaningful solutions. No matter what business you are in we can help you identify marketing and growth opportunities, assess effectiveness, and improve performance.


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